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Our Easy and Structured Learning Approach

Mastering the structure of Japanese is key to your success in learning the language, and our program offers an easy and structured approach to help you achieve fluency. By understanding the underlying structure, you’ll gain confidence in your progress and effortlessly reach important milestones in your classes and self-study sessions.

During the initial months of your language journey, you will explore the following fundamentals:

☐ Everyday Phrases

☐ Particles

☐ Hiragana & Katakana

☐ Essential Vocabulary

☐ Speaking in Full Sentences

☐ Basic Kanji

☐ Verbs Conjugations

☐ Basic Conversations

☐ Polite & Casual Speech

By focusing on these core areas, you’ll develop a solid understanding of Japanese, making your learning experience enjoyable and rewarding. Join us now and embark on a language journey that will open doors to a fascinating culture and exciting opportunities.

Our clients say
"I've had the immense privilege of embarking on a captivating language journey with the guidance of multiple Japanese teachers. However, none have left as indelible an impression as Moto. His teaching approach goes beyond mere instruction; it is a transformative experience that effortlessly blends ease of comprehension with real-world applicability. Within just one week of engaging in his 90-minutes Skype lessons, I witnessed astounding progress that rivaled the outcomes of weeks spent in traditional immersive environments. The growth I experienced under Moto's tutelage was truly remarkable, solidifying his position as the epitome of excellence in Japanese language instruction."
Hilary Leigh
Canada, 2022
"Meeting with Moto on a weekly basis was an exhilarating anticipation that never failed to invigorate my language learning journey. His unwavering support, unwavering commitment to student success, and unwavering dedication to fostering a supportive environment have propelled my confidence to soaring heights. The personalized attention and high-quality instruction provided by Moto are unparalleled, ensuring that each lesson is not just a learning opportunity but a transformative experience. If you are seeking a sanctuary of learning where the pursuit of excellence is celebrated, I wholeheartedly recommend Japanese Speak as your gateway to mastering the Japanese language."
Hall Read
USA, 2020
"After traversing the vast landscape of Japanese language courses over the course of four years, my sojourn with Moto has proven to be an unrivaled odyssey of linguistic discovery. The immersive experience I embarked upon during my three-month stay with Moto was a revelation, unearthing hidden depths of knowledge and instilling a profound appreciation for the beauty of the Japanese language. The meticulous attention to detail, the unwavering commitment to student growth, and the unwavering passion for imparting linguistic expertise make Moto the pinnacle of Japanese language instruction. Without a doubt, my time with Moto stands as the pinnacle of my language learning journey, an experience that I am forever grateful for."
Quintin Angus
Germany, 2023
"Moto's genuine warmth and unfailing helpfulness create an environment of support and encouragement that transcends the confines of a typical classroom. His dedication to ensuring each student's success extends far beyond the scheduled lesson times, as he welcomes inquiries and offers assistance even outside the classroom. The flexibility afforded by Moto, including the option to join lessons via Skype when personal circumstances demand it, is a testament to his commitment to making learning accessible and convenient for all. With Moto as your guide, you will not only navigate the complexities of the Japanese language but also embark on a transformative journey of personal growth."
Jillie Tempest
USA, 2022


Embark on your Japanese language journey with confidence by taking advantage of our complimentary 30-minute trial session. Here’s why you should consider this opportunity:

✅ Get to Know the Teacher, Get the Feel of It: During the trial, you’ll have the chance to interact with me, your dedicated instructor. This session allows you to gauge my teaching style, personality, and expertise, ensuring a good fit for your learning needs.

✅ Commitment Free: Our trial session comes with absolutely no commitment. You can explore the class and evaluate its suitability for your goals without any obligations. It’s all about finding the right learning experience for you.

✅ Personalized Assessment: Share your language learning goals, struggles, and any specific areas of weakness. Together, we will assess your current level and discuss how our classes can effectively address your needs. This personalized approach ensures targeted improvement and progress.

By offering this free trial, we aim to provide you with a glimpse of the high-quality instruction and support we offer. Take the first step toward achieving your Japanese language goals by scheduling your free 30-minute trial session today. Don’t miss this opportunity to experience the benefits of our friendly and professional teaching approach.

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Don’t worry. We are quite flexible. If you need to change the day or time of your class, please give us a notice in 2 or more business days in advance. 

We have expanded our compatibility to include Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, and Zoom. None of these platforms require any additional installations. If you encounter any challenges while using these tools, kindly inform us, and we will explore alternative solutions to assist you.

We provide private Japanese lessons online to help you learn and improve your skills in Japanese. Whether you’re a beginner or already have studied Japanese in the past, 2-3 sessions a week will help you reach your objectives in Japanese. Our Japanese tutors go at your pace, work on topics based on your needs and objectives.

Let us know your aim for learning Japanese. What is your true purpose of learning Japanese? Having clear goal mobilizes your focus toward actionable behavior. If you are not absolute beginner, tell us your struggles, and prepare them before the class. It also helps us to pick up your current level and we can work on your weaknesses to turn into your strength. 

We accept the following forms of payment:

  • Credit Card
  • Interac eTransfer (for Canadian, please mention it when you schedule a class.)

Why Japan?
WHY Japanese?

Experience the peace of mind that comes with residing in one of the world’s safest countries. Japan boasts an exceptionally low crime rate, earning it a place among the countries with the lowest crime rates globally. With a strong emphasis on safety, Japan ensures a secure environment for residents and visitors alike. Its pristine cleanliness further enhances the quality of life and adds to the appeal of this remarkable nation.

Step into a world unlike any other—a true bucket lister’s paradise. Japan seamlessly intertwines ancient history and tradition with awe-inspiring modernization. As an island nation that experienced prolonged isolation, Japan’s culture developed distinctively, remaining largely untouched by external influences. Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of anime, cutting-edge technology, exquisite manners, architectural marvels, vibrant cosplay, and a culinary tapestry that will tantalize your taste buds. Japan offers a kaleidoscope of experiences that captivate and inspire.

Japan boasts the world’s third-largest economy, presenting lucrative business prospects. Access to this vast market, comprising 120 million sophisticated and affluent consumers, opens doors to extensive growth potential. As a key member of the international trade system, Japan upholds the rule of law and provides robust protection for intellectual and real property rights, offering a secure environment for businesses to thrive.

With its population experiencing a rapid decline, Japan faces a pressing need for foreign workers. By 2030, approximately 6.4 million workers (equivalent to nearly 10 percent of the working population) are expected to exit the workforce, exacerbating the critical labor shortage. To stabilize its population, Japan requires 200,000 to 400,000 new immigrants annually and aims to accommodate 10 million foreign workers by 2050. Seize this opportunity to become part of Japan’s future.

Immerse yourself in the incredible diversity of Japan’s exquisite cuisine, celebrated worldwide for its meticulous attention to detail, artistry, and harmonious flavors. From the delicate nuances of sushi and the comforting warmth of ramen to the tantalizing variety of street food and regionally influenced specialties, Japanese gastronomy is a captivating journey that entices the taste buds and leaves a lasting impression. Embark on a culinary odyssey through the vibrant markets, traditional izakayas, and Michelin-starred restaurants, where every bite tells a story and every dish is a work of edible art.

Immerse yourself in the awe-inspiring natural landscapes that grace Japan’s archipelago, where diverse terrains and contrasting vistas create a visual symphony that captivates the soul. From the ethereal charm of cherry blossom gardens, where delicate petals blanket the scenery in a sea of soft hues, to the iconic grandeur of Mount Fuji, standing as a majestic sentinel over the land, Japan offers a rich tapestry of natural wonders. Explore the untamed wilderness of national parks, wander through enchanting forests adorned with vibrant foliage, and discover hidden gems nestled along pristine coastlines. Unwind in the therapeutic embrace of traditional hot springs (onsen), where the healing powers of geothermal waters rejuvenate both body and spirit. Immerse yourself in Japan’s natural splendor and reconnect with the harmony of the natural world.

Embarking on a journey to master the Japanese language opens a gateway to a world of global opportunities and expands your professional horizons. With Japan’s status as a technological powerhouse, a hub for innovation, and a leader in research and development, proficiency in Japanese empowers you to engage with cutting-edge industries and collaborate with forward-thinking professionals. Whether you aspire to work in fields such as technology, engineering, business, or academia, fluency in Japanese provides a competitive advantage that sets you apart. Connect with multinational companies, leverage Japan’s extensive business networks, and gain insights into the intricate workings of a dynamic global economy. Elevate your career prospects and become a global citizen by embracing the power of the Japanese language.

Join a vibrant and inclusive community of Japanese language learners and enthusiasts, where diverse backgrounds converge in a shared passion for language and culture. Engage in language exchanges, cultural events, and online forums, forging connections that transcend geographical boundaries. Immerse yourself in a supportive network of fellow learners, native speakers, and experienced tutors who are eager to share their knowledge, experiences, and insights. Participate in lively discussions, exchange language tips, and celebrate the beauty of cultural exchange. Through these interactions, not only will you enhance your language skills, but you’ll also create lifelong friendships and cultivate a global perspective that broadens your worldview.

Delve deep into the captivating annals of Japan’s rich historical tapestry, immersing yourself in the wonders of the samurai era, the grandeur of feudal castles, and the time-honored traditions that have shaped the nation’s identity. Indulge your curiosity as you explore a myriad of historical sites, wander through enlightening museums, and witness the mastery of traditional arts that breathe life into Japan’s cultural heritage, allowing you to forge a profound connection with the past and gain a newfound appreciation for the stories etched within its walls.

Embarking on the path of learning Japanese is more than just acquiring language proficiency; it’s a transformative journey that nurtures personal growth, cultivates adaptability, fosters resilience, and fosters a deeper understanding of diverse cultures. As you immerse yourself in the complexities of this vibrant language, you unlock the potential for limitless personal enrichment and expanded perspectives. Each step taken on this linguistic odyssey broadens your horizons, encourages self-discovery, and opens doors to meaningful cross-cultural interactions, empowering you to navigate the interconnected world with confidence and embrace the beauty of shared humanity.

Other japanese offering

Intensive Conversation

✓Natural Expressions
✓Accent Reduction/Speech Correction
✓Useful Phraseology and Slangs
✓How to initiate/lead conversation


✓How to introduce yourself
✓Expressions used in everyday life
✓Vocabruary Boot Camp​
✓How to make new friends


✓How to write CV/Resume
✓Interview Role-Play
✓How to make a call/write emails
✓Effective Workplace Expressions


✓Designed to meet your objectives
✓Work on your Strength and Weakness
✓Accommodate with your learning pace
✓Boost your confidence

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